What is the Difference Between a Static and a Dynamic Website?

Static Websites -

Static websites tend to come with a fixed number of pages that have a specific layout. When the page runs on the browser, the content is actually static and does not change in response to any user actions. This type of website is typically created with HTML and CSS in simple text editors. If you need a very small website (think smaller than three pages), a static website is probably your best bet. Building static websites usually doesn’t take much time or effort, compared to dynamic websites. For more information, you can connect with IndieSoft - One of the Best Website Development Companies India!

Dynamic Websites -

Dynamic websites, on the other hand, are much more functional than static websites, which tend to be purely informational. Dynamic websites enable visitors to actually interact with the information on the web page and require using more than just HTML code. While static websites tend to use just client-side HTML and CSS code, dynamic websites use both client-side and server-side scripting languages like ASP, PHP and JavaScript. When a visitor uses a dynamic website, the website can actually be changed with code run in the browser or on the server. For more information, you can connect with IndieSoft - Best Website Development India!



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