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The team of UI/UX experts, full-stack developers, and technical analysts at IndieSoft are dedicated to helping you keep your brand’s digital presence fresh, engaging, and dynamic.

Exceptional services from experienced professionals with end-to-end support and expert guidance.

What We Offer

Web Development

We develop websites that benefit both your company and users. Our online solutions work seamlessly and consistently across all platforms, whether it's a complicated enterprise platform and data storage, a responsive web app, or a marketing site.

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

is a software solution that helps businesses manage interactions with their customers. This can include tracking sales and customer service interactions, managing contact information, and analyzing customer data to improve marketing and sales efforts. By streamlining these processes and providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions, CRM software aims to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty."

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App Development

Bring your business to customers within arm's reach. We build cutting-edge mobile apps with the latest technologies to attract users to your business offering through a magnetic user experience.

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UI/UX Design

We mix product innovation with optimum usability. We produce an engaging and human-centric design that is scalable and enjoyable to use through our iterative design approach and comprehensive prototyping. From the discovery process to the last milestones, our team is present to guarantee that no aspect of your vision is lost in transition.

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We Provide 24 X 7 support for your business so that we can quickly and actively complete or resolve any IT related issues and major breakdown problems that may occur.

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Hardware Solutions

We have a team of well skilled and professional Engineers. Who analyses different type of problems of your Computer and Rectify it very professionally on time to decrease your downtime. We also provide Hardware up gradation H/W, Troubleshooting H/W, Repairing Periodic Services, New Installation, Data Recovery etc.

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